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Doctor of Theology

The program leading to the Doctor of Theology degree is designed for those who are capable of doing research at the highest level, and who plan to use their research in the teaching ministry of the church.


The Th.D. applicant must hold the M.Div., Th.M. degree or its academic equivalent from a recognized graduate school, and have a working knowledge of Biblical languages. Applicants may be required to make up deficiencies in basic requirements. Applicants must have an academic record that shows promise of success in doctoral studies.

Degree requirements

A student may be deemed a candidate for the Doctor of Theology degree by action of the Degree Committee, only after the following requirements have been met:

  1. The student has completed 60 units (48 units courses and 12 units dissertation) leading to the degree with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. The student has passed the comprehensive written and oral examinations over the major fields of study. These examinations will be held in the semester after which the student completes all course work in the major.
  3. The student has shown evidence of consistent Christian character, ability and acceptability in Christian ministry, and commitment to the primacy of the divinely authoritative, inerrant Scriptures that are interpreted within the framework of evangelical theology.

A maximum of 24 semester units of comparable work may be transferred toward the Th.D. degree from recognized graduate theological schools. In addition, students may petition to substitute some electives for required courses if they have previously taken and passed courses of the same content elsewhere. A maximum of 3 units of independent study are allowed per semester, with the total for the degree not to exceed 12 units.


Twelve units of a dissertation, maximum 90,000 words, on a topic selected in consultation with the student's academic advisor, must be completed and approved by one internal and one external examiner. The criteria of acceptability for this dissertation are, in order of weight, (1) significant research in and contribution to the field of study, (2) in-depth knowledge of the area of research, and (3) clear, concise presentation according to proper grammar, style, and academic format. A previously written work, or one which has already been awarded academic credit, will not be accepted. After the completion of all course work, student has one year to submit a dissertation without a continuation fee.

A maximum of three years is the time normally allowed for writing a dissertation following the completion of all course work. If it is not completed within that time, the student must file an application in the Registrar's office for an extension, and may be required to complete additional coursework.

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