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The logo for California Graduate School of Theology depicts a Christian warrior sitting atop a horse prepared for warfare. The warrior is seen with spear in hand, driving a mortal blow into the head of a serpent. The symbolism is reminiscent of the ancient Christian icons depicting St. George slaying the dragon. St. George is the Patron Saint of England and also the patron saint of cavalry from which the word chivalry is derived. The tales of St. Georgeís bravery are legendary. He is the protector of the land and the saving warrior who protects the Kingís daughter from becoming devoured by the dragon or serpent

Quite naturally, St. George is a fitting example of Jesus Christ who comes both to save the lost from sin and death while also dealing a mortal blow to the enemy of manís soul, the serpent or Satan. The daughter of the King being held captive reminds us of the bride of Christ who was not left to the destruction of the world, the flesh, or the devil, but was in fact redeemed by the Son of God.

The logo for California Graduate School of Theology reflects the iconographic image of St. George as well as reflecting the theological importance of salvation through Christ alone. California Graduate School of Theology is committed to an uncompromising presentation of the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone. It is our goal to present men and women into the Church and into the world as evangelists, teachers, pastors, and scholars with the same uncompromising heart and soul as we depict in our logo. Every graduate must take their place with the sword of Truth, a swiftness and certainty of movement, and defend the truth while trampling down the remaining strongholds of evil in this world. Our call is simply to follow the Master.

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