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Purpose And Objectives

Cal Grad's mission arises out of God's redemptive work in this world effected in Jesus Christ, understood through the biblical Word and mediated by the Holy Spirit. As a theological seminary, it provides learning, resources and training through which men and women may acquire knowledge, gain skills and develop attitudes needed in Christ's ministry. Cal Grad has eight institutional objectives that all focus on student learning. As an academic community of faith, Cal Grad seeks to guide the students:

1. To equip them with exegetical skills whereby they will be able to accurately and faithfully apply God's holy and inerrant Scripture.

2. To develop sufficient knowledge and skills to understand the organic unity of the Old and the New Testaments whereby they will be able to preach and teach accurately and faithfully God's holy and inerrant Scripture.

3. To experience highest level of academic excellence in Christian scholarship for teaching the biblical, historical and theological disciplines whereby they learn to carry and exhibit this value into their future ministry and vocation.

4. To exercise their ministry skills and gifts in cooperation with the church with the aim of equipping them to be leaders who serves the church and advance the kingdom of God throughout the world.

5. To demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the cultural trends and leadership skills with the aim of equipping them to be leaders who lead their ministry through these challenging days.

6. To mature their spiritual formation through spiritual enrichment activities, regular devotions, and involvement in the local church.

7. To cultivate vision for God's redemptive work throughout the world and learn to formulate strategies that will leads to faithful missions, evangelism, and discipleship.

8. To engage in cross-cultural ministry whereby they learn to minister beyond their own culture, community, and country.

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