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Student Services


Many students find it a financial necessity to work part-time while enrolled at CAL GRAD, and are involved in paid positions in local business establishments and churches in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The staff can offer some assistance in finding part-time employment through its network of alumni and local church contacts. International students are usually restricted in the kind and amount of employment they can undertake.


CAL GRAD does not offer housing for its students. However, staff can provide information and advice on finding suitable housing. Students can make arrangements for rooms with local families through the administration office, local churches, and local newspapers. Some students join together to rent an apartment. Most married students find housing on their own in the general vicinity of the school or in some other convenient location.


CAL GRAD will make every effort to assist students in locating and/or providing for purchase all of the required books, as well as recommended books, for the courses that are offered.


Counseling is available to students through several means. Administrative officers and faculty are available by appointment for general counseling. Specific needs may be met through numerous counseling services in the metropolitan area.

In order to assist new students in adjusting to California Graduate School of Theology's life and in planning their academic programs, a brief orientation is scheduled during the registration period. In addition, academic counseling is planned to help new students become more familiar with the courses and curriculum offered, and to assist them in course selections. The academic Dean and faculty are experienced scholars as well as ministers with many years of pastoral experience behind them.

If you have any questions, contact or visit the Office Administration at CAL GRAD

California Graduate School of Theology
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